Contact Brian Cordial 937-206-2846 or Wayne Cook 937-477-8968 for information.

2021 spots are full or likely to be full by the end of the week (7/9/2021) as there was very little turn over from our limited fair last year. We’re still working on everything.

There will be a NEW VENDOR APPLICATION for 2022 for those new requests to set up at our fair. It will be available for download sometime after the 2021 fair. It can be completed and returned to the Fair Office by mail upon completion. With that application include a self address stamped envelope so information can be returned to you.

Current rates are as follows. Food is $22 per foot on road frontage plus a $25 flat rate electric fee. Straight Sales are $15 per foot on road frontage. (Example: $22 x 20’=$440+$25=$465). Fees are due at the time your contract is signed. All profits you make during the week of fair, you keep. Prices are subject to change at anytime upon Fair Board approval.

Thank you to all who participate in our fair and those that have interest. Please be patient. This is a long process.


Information for what the Urbana Fire Division (UFD) will be looking at while doing the inspection of your trailer/truck. This is done in accordance with the Ohio Fire Code (OFC).


Grease Pits have been ordered. There’s been a lot of calls about that. That’s on me (Brian) from last year.
Most of you know where you’re going. Once you’re in place and set up please find me in the Fair Office. If I’m not there someone will either find me or take care of you there.
For those that were new last year. As I told you then. We may need to move you this year. Please call me when you arrive on the Fairgrounds. I don’t want you to go to the effort of setting up and we eventually have to move you.
Thank you all!