Camping $250

General Public move in day is scheduled for Sunday, August 1, 2021 at 8AM unless otherwise stated by the committee chairman.

** UPDATE: General public can begin lining up with their campers on Saturday, July 31 at 7PM. Enter through the eastern most enterance on Powell Ave. 

Camping passes need to be secured visibly to a window of your camper.

The Junior Fair Board will line up in the handicapped parking area east of the creek only. All others will be turned away. 

Beginning at 8AM on Sunday, August 1 the Junior Fair Board will be parked, then the remaining campers.

Please remember to be patient! You will all get parked! Buddy camping is again permitted. Therefore, if at all possible please try to arrive with your friends/family or at least be close. It makes it much easier on those trying to park you.

Camping Committee