New Goat Barn Progress

Progress is coming along nicely as of 6/14/2021.


2021 Street Sign Buyers

Thank you to everyone that came to the Street Sign Auction. All of our buyers and workers were amazing. Your support is greatly appreciated. We can’t do this without your support and commitment. And thanks to Todd Woodruff for conducting the auction. It too is greatly appreciated. The Champaign Co. Fair is the greatest fair in Ohio because of all of you. And, thanks Junior Fair Board for making this happen. You guys are the true future leaders of this fair!

Matt Calland Truck Pull Classes Have Been Determined… See Below

*Running order will be determined at a later date

6500# Limited Street Gas
8000# Limited Street Diesel
6500# Cheater Street Gas
8500# Altered Farm Tractor 10MPH
8000# 2.6 Smooth Bore
6500# Pro Street Gas
6000# V8 Hot Rod Tractor
8000# Open Diesel Truck
6500# Multi-Engine Modified Tractor
8500# Light Pro Tractor
8500# Run What Ya Brung
2WD Truck Class

Fair Board History! 2020 and 1920 photo.

2020 Fair Board
Missing from photo: Brian Forrest, Charlie Havens, Doug Ober, Frank Howell, Jody Harrigan, Ryan Birt

2020 Fair Winners List

Fair Queen: McKenze Hoewischer
4-H Boy / Girl of the Year: Cole Pond / Katelyn Collins
FFA Boy / Girl of the Year: Sam Stickley / Taylor Ayars

Michelle Dibert Award: Kylie McWhinney
Todd Conrad Herdsman Award: Katelyn Wallace

Beef Queen: Maria McIntosh
Beef Princess: Darby Ayars

Showman of Showman: Darby Ayars
Beef Scramble Showman: Zane Robison
Champion Beef Feeder: Brody Jenking; Reserve – Katelyn Wallace
Champion Beef Breeding Heifer: Taylor Ayars; Reserve – Jack McDaniel
Champion Scramble Steer: Travis Culp; Reserve – Eric Goddard
Cattleman’s Class Champion: Jack McDaniel; Reserve – Jaycee Yelton
Champion Market Steer: Essie McGuire; Reserve Andrew Lewis
4-H Steer Rate of gain Champion: Gabrielle Mahoy; Reserve – Lin Current
FFA Steer Rate of Gain Champion: Evan Culp; Reserve – Samuel Hoewischer

Cavy Queen: Paige Deere
Cavy Princess: Abby Schaffer
Cavy Presentation: Paige Deere
Best in Show: Jordyn Unger; Reserve – Olivia MacKendrick
Best Pet project: Hayden VanBuskirk; Reserve – Abby Schaffer
Best Overall Cavy Poster: Paige Deere

Showman of Showman: Cole Pond
Supreme Champion: Colton Thomas
Supreme Junior Champion: Blayk Thomas
Grand Champion Production: Cole Pond
Lislie Broshes Memorial Herdsman Award: Cole Pond
Dairy Ambassador: Allyson Cupps

Showman of Showman: Trevor Stewart
Champion Dairy Feeder: Alyssa Pillion; Reserve – Kaleb Pond

Showman of Showman: McKenze Hoewischer
Champion Dairy Steer: Eric Goddard; Reserve Kenzie Stillings
Champion Dairy Steer Rate of Gain: Meriha Cahoon; Reserve – Leah Cahoon
Dairy Steer/Feeder Herdsman Award: Cierra Furrow

Showman of Showman: Matthew Westfall
Champion Market Goat Born & Raised: Brody Fritts; Reserve – Emma Violet
Champion Market Goat: Kyndall Metz; Reserve – Matthew Westfall
Overall Pygmy Doe Champion: Marissa Bailey; Reserve – Abby Henkle
Overall Dairy Goat Champion: Caroline Nott; Reserve – Caroline Nott
Champion Production Doe: Matthew Westfall; Reserve – Emma Violet
Senior Goat Ambassador: Jennifer Basil
Junior Goat Ambassador: Liliana Printz

Gymkhana Points Ages 14-18: Julia Smith; Reserve – Layne Green
Gymkhana Points Ages 11-13: Ali Bair; Reserve – Ellie Johnson
Gymkhana Points Ages 8-10: Basha Batkiewicz; Reserve – Alfred Johnson
Champion Western Pony Showmanship: Chloe Bender; Reserve – Owen Harrison
Champion Western Horse Showmanship: Jennifer Wallace; Reserve – Tyson Brown
Champion Hunt Seat Showman: Chloe Bender; Reserve – Tyson Brown
Champion Overall Showmanship: Jennifer Wallace; Reserve – Ali Bair
Champion Hunt Seat Equitation: Faith Denkewalter; Reserve – Chloe Bender
Champion Work Under Saddle: Faith Denkewalter; Reserve – Joyel Victor
Champion Western Horsemanship: Jennifer Wallace; Reserve – Ellie Johnson
Champion Overall Horsemanship & Equitation: Jennifer Wallace; Reserve – Ellie Johnson
Champion Western Pleasure: Jennifer Wallace; Reserve – Tyson Brown
Versatility Champion Ages 14-18: Owen Harrison; Reserve – Faith Denkewalter
Versatility Champion Ages 10-13: Ali Bair; Reserve – Bella Batkiewicz
Horse Ambassador: Grace Serna; Reserve – Sarrah Baldwin

Champion Market Turkey: Rylie Brown; Reserve – Isaac Brown
Champion Egg: Robert (Luke) Ford; Reserve – Fiona Sweeney
Champion Market Broiler: Cody Cushman; Reserve – Denver Cushman
Champion Market Duck: Cody Cushman; Reserve – Denver Cushman
Champion Pen: Derek Beaver; Reserve – Derek Beaver
Champion Bird: Derek Beaver; Reserve – Denver Cushman

Rabbit Prince: John Mke Dale
Rabbit Queen: Caroline Nott
Showman of Showman: Mallory Fannin
Champion Meat Pen: Carsyn Thomas; Reserve Gracie Stalnaker
Champion Single Fryer: Londyn Loveless
Champion Brood Pair: Emma Violet; Reserve – Adyson Feasel
Champion Bred & Raised: Emma Violet; Reserve – Cooper Strader
Champion 4 Class: Londyn Loveless; Reserve – Emma Violet
Champion 6 class: Londyn Loveless; Reserve – Lani Wilhelm
Best in Show: Hannah Bowman: Reserve – Londyn Loveless
Best Overall Rabbit Poster: Peyton Longstreath

Showman of Showman: Garrett Wallen
Champion Market Lamb: Garrett Wallen; Reserve – Sam Stickley
Champion Pen of 2: Sam Stickley; Reserve – Garrett Wallen
Champion Born & Raised Lamb: Garrett Wallen; Reserve – Sam Stickley
Champion Ewe: Mallory Blakeman; Reserve – Thomas Wallace
Champion Ram: Taylor Ruff
Dan Pond Memorial Shepherd Award: Sam Stickley
Megan Schlaegel Award: Addison Wallen

Showman of Showman: Ella Forrest
Champion Born & Raised Gilt: Addison Farley; Reserve – Tiana Johnson
Champion Born & Raised Barrow: Baylor Perry; Reserve – Grace Forrest
Champion Scramble Pig: Elyse Wilson; Reserve – Lauren Bailey
Champaion FFA Market Gilt: Elyse Wilson; Reserve Cody Cushman
Champion Purebred Gilt: Shelby Ritchie; Reserve – Daytayviah Rodgers
Champion Overall Market Glit: Kole Bishop: Reserve – Tylar Bailey
Champion Breed Gilt: Kole Bishop; Reserve – Madion Ripley
Champion FFA Market Barrow: Elyse Wilson; Reserve – Mallory Blakeman
Champion Purebred Barrow: Aubrey Horn; Reserve – Morgan Heizer
Champion Overall Market Barrow: Cooper Havens; Reserve – Madison Ripley
Pork Queen: Janie Wallace
Pork Princess: Katelyn Haynes