Demo Derby Coming to the Fairgrounds

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Fair Board Elections

Ag Society Members. Annual elections will be held at the Fairgrounds Saturday, November 14th from 10AM – 2PM.

Fair Board History! 2020 and 1920 photo.

2020 Fair Board
Missing from photo: Brian Forrest, Charlie Havens, Doug Ober, Frank Howell, Jody Harrigan, Ryan Birt

2020 Fair Winners List

Fair Queen: McKenze Hoewischer
4-H Boy / Girl of the Year: Cole Pond / Katelyn Collins
FFA Boy / Girl of the Year: Sam Stickley / Taylor Ayars

Michelle Dibert Award: Kylie McWhinney
Todd Conrad Herdsman Award: Katelyn Wallace

Beef Queen: Maria McIntosh
Beef Princess: Darby Ayars

Showman of Showman: Darby Ayars
Beef Scramble Showman: Zane Robison
Champion Beef Feeder: Brody Jenking; Reserve – Katelyn Wallace
Champion Beef Breeding Heifer: Taylor Ayars; Reserve – Jack McDaniel
Champion Scramble Steer: Travis Culp; Reserve – Eric Goddard
Cattleman’s Class Champion: Jack McDaniel; Reserve – Jaycee Yelton
Champion Market Steer: Essie McGuire; Reserve Andrew Lewis
4-H Steer Rate of gain Champion: Gabrielle Mahoy; Reserve – Lin Current
FFA Steer Rate of Gain Champion: Evan Culp; Reserve – Samuel Hoewischer

Cavy Queen: Paige Deere
Cavy Princess: Abby Schaffer
Cavy Presentation: Paige Deere
Best in Show: Jordyn Unger; Reserve – Olivia MacKendrick
Best Pet project: Hayden VanBuskirk; Reserve – Abby Schaffer
Best Overall Cavy Poster: Paige Deere

Showman of Showman: Cole Pond
Supreme Champion: Colton Thomas
Supreme Junior Champion: Blayk Thomas
Grand Champion Production: Cole Pond
Lislie Broshes Memorial Herdsman Award: Cole Pond
Dairy Ambassador: Allyson Cupps

Showman of Showman: Trevor Stewart
Champion Dairy Feeder: Alyssa Pillion; Reserve – Kaleb Pond

Showman of Showman: McKenze Hoewischer
Champion Dairy Steer: Eric Goddard; Reserve Kenzie Stillings
Champion Dairy Steer Rate of Gain: Meriha Cahoon; Reserve – Leah Cahoon
Dairy Steer/Feeder Herdsman Award: Cierra Furrow

Showman of Showman: Matthew Westfall
Champion Market Goat Born & Raised: Brody Fritts; Reserve – Emma Violet
Champion Market Goat: Kyndall Metz; Reserve – Matthew Westfall
Overall Pygmy Doe Champion: Marissa Bailey; Reserve – Abby Henkle
Overall Dairy Goat Champion: Caroline Nott; Reserve – Caroline Nott
Champion Production Doe: Matthew Westfall; Reserve – Emma Violet
Senior Goat Ambassador: Jennifer Basil
Junior Goat Ambassador: Liliana Printz

Gymkhana Points Ages 14-18: Julia Smith; Reserve – Layne Green
Gymkhana Points Ages 11-13: Ali Bair; Reserve – Ellie Johnson
Gymkhana Points Ages 8-10: Basha Batkiewicz; Reserve – Alfred Johnson
Champion Western Pony Showmanship: Chloe Bender; Reserve – Owen Harrison
Champion Western Horse Showmanship: Jennifer Wallace; Reserve – Tyson Brown
Champion Hunt Seat Showman: Chloe Bender; Reserve – Tyson Brown
Champion Overall Showmanship: Jennifer Wallace; Reserve – Ali Bair
Champion Hunt Seat Equitation: Faith Denkewalter; Reserve – Chloe Bender
Champion Work Under Saddle: Faith Denkewalter; Reserve – Joyel Victor
Champion Western Horsemanship: Jennifer Wallace; Reserve – Ellie Johnson
Champion Overall Horsemanship & Equitation: Jennifer Wallace; Reserve – Ellie Johnson
Champion Western Pleasure: Jennifer Wallace; Reserve – Tyson Brown
Versatility Champion Ages 14-18: Owen Harrison; Reserve – Faith Denkewalter
Versatility Champion Ages 10-13: Ali Bair; Reserve – Bella Batkiewicz
Horse Ambassador: Grace Serna; Reserve – Sarrah Baldwin

Champion Market Turkey: Rylie Brown; Reserve – Isaac Brown
Champion Egg: Robert (Luke) Ford; Reserve – Fiona Sweeney
Champion Market Broiler: Cody Cushman; Reserve – Denver Cushman
Champion Market Duck: Cody Cushman; Reserve – Denver Cushman
Champion Pen: Derek Beaver; Reserve – Derek Beaver
Champion Bird: Derek Beaver; Reserve – Denver Cushman

Rabbit Prince: John Mke Dale
Rabbit Queen: Caroline Nott
Showman of Showman: Mallory Fannin
Champion Meat Pen: Carsyn Thomas; Reserve Gracie Stalnaker
Champion Single Fryer: Londyn Loveless
Champion Brood Pair: Emma Violet; Reserve – Adyson Feasel
Champion Bred & Raised: Emma Violet; Reserve – Cooper Strader
Champion 4 Class: Londyn Loveless; Reserve – Emma Violet
Champion 6 class: Londyn Loveless; Reserve – Lani Wilhelm
Best in Show: Hannah Bowman: Reserve – Londyn Loveless
Best Overall Rabbit Poster: Peyton Longstreath

Showman of Showman: Garrett Wallen
Champion Market Lamb: Garrett Wallen; Reserve – Sam Stickley
Champion Pen of 2: Sam Stickley; Reserve – Garrett Wallen
Champion Born & Raised Lamb: Garrett Wallen; Reserve – Sam Stickley
Champion Ewe: Mallory Blakeman; Reserve – Thomas Wallace
Champion Ram: Taylor Ruff
Dan Pond Memorial Shepherd Award: Sam Stickley
Megan Schlaegel Award: Addison Wallen

Showman of Showman: Ella Forrest
Champion Born & Raised Gilt: Addison Farley; Reserve – Tiana Johnson
Champion Born & Raised Barrow: Baylor Perry; Reserve – Grace Forrest
Champion Scramble Pig: Elyse Wilson; Reserve – Lauren Bailey
Champaion FFA Market Gilt: Elyse Wilson; Reserve Cody Cushman
Champion Purebred Gilt: Shelby Ritchie; Reserve – Daytayviah Rodgers
Champion Overall Market Glit: Kole Bishop: Reserve – Tylar Bailey
Champion Breed Gilt: Kole Bishop; Reserve – Madion Ripley
Champion FFA Market Barrow: Elyse Wilson; Reserve – Mallory Blakeman
Champion Purebred Barrow: Aubrey Horn; Reserve – Morgan Heizer
Champion Overall Market Barrow: Cooper Havens; Reserve – Madison Ripley
Pork Queen: Janie Wallace
Pork Princess: Katelyn Haynes